Dance Me Free Poetry

Magic Moment

Your breath brushes against my skin,

like kisses in the wind,

Between hips and dips, and tango kicks

you have given me new-found wings.


Can’t worry ‘bout the future,

or brood over the past,

This is now or never babe,

Who knows how long it’ll last?


You are my magic moment,

when nothing else seems real,

You drift me away from my head,

into just-trust-and-feel.


As your palms melt into mine,

Our fingers intertwine,

We sway from side to side,

Music snake-charming our spines.


You are my magic moment,

never know what’s in store

I just close my eyes


as we soar across the floor.


You are my magic moment,

I can feel your every move,

With your finger-tip touch, (oh, what a rush!)

I surrender to your groove.


Didn’t know what I was missing

until you appeared

And now I come alive,

only when you’re near.


You are my magic moment

No, no one else will do.

Even when dancing with him,

I’m secretly eyeing you.


I don’t know where you’re going

or where you’ve even been,

But you are that magic moment

that brightens me from within.


No words are ever spoken,

Don’t even know your name,

But your magic casts a spell

So powerful just the same.


Now that the song is over,

All I can do is dream,

That in your arms forever-

like magic, I will remain.


10 thoughts on “Dance Me Free Poetry

  1. That is such a lovely musical poem casting me back through the years to my youth. I guess I never really thought about dance as partnership … Perhaps because I never had many dance partners. Dance always was something I was happy to do just for me … So many years ogo. These many years past, the only dancing I do is in my mind.

    Young people deserve to dance. There is no such thing as too much dancing when you are in a young body. It does not seem so strange to see youth break into spontaneous song and dance. As you get older and society expects you to act with suitable sanity, there are fewer opportunities for such pure joy.

    Then you must rely on wonderful memories to carry you through your later years.

    Dance on sweet child.

    • Wow! This is beautiful, Sharon. Thank you so much for sharing this. I didn’t start dancing until I was in my 30’s or so, and I guess in the dance world, that is very old. But as naive as this sounds, I really do think it is in the mind. Because the more I want to dance and ignore what society thinks is the ‘right’ age, and more often, the more I ignore my own hangups about what age I should or shouldn’t be dancing at, the more I enjoy it.
      And I plan to continue on for years to come. It’s great that you didn’t think of dance as partnership, because part of my problem is that that’s most of my dance background- in partner dance. And so I have come to rely on a lead to ‘make me move’, which is kind of ridiculous, when you think about it! haha! But I’m trying to get over that, and learn to be my own dancer.
      I agree with half of your statement- “there is no such thing as too much dancing”, but I think we should put a period at the end of that. I realize some people cannot dance for various reasons, but if you can get up and use your legs, or feel the music, I think in various capacities, everyone can dance. Thanks for the lovely message, Sharon and for taking the time to read my site 🙂

  2. Some late night ramblings after reading this post:

    Even if you lie, seemingly stagnant, you have the power to dance. While your muscles rest your soul has the ability to soar free from this limiting body we inhabit. But one must first ALLOW the movement to happen. Our minds are the trickiest trap that we posses. With its great power we have also inherited its greatest weakness… Judgment.

  3. Orin! I have been thinking about this very same thing, especially in the last few weeks, but I didn’t know how to express it. Your words … well, it was like you were reading my mind, and saying what I couldn’t figure out how to say. And what you said came out so beautifully! You are my next feature quote, today! 🙂 I can’t wait!

    • Hey! Thanks so much for your suggestion. It is an ‘open’ poetry page in that anyone can send a submission for the page, and I can post it once I take a look. So if you have anything, feel free to send it along. And I’ll remind people about this more often. Thanks for the reminder to me 🙂 But if you have any other suggestions on how to go about doing it, I’m totally open to hearing them.

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