Sing Me Free ©


El que canta y baila su mal espanta.”

(translation: he who sings and dances scares off misfortune).

When I think back to how I created the name Dance Me Free©, I can’t help but to smile.  It wasn’t planned or strategically worked out. I didn’t even realize until much later that the idea may have come from me subconsciously taking in the album title of one of my favourite singers- Joss Stone- and connecting it to the idea of dance.  Joss Stone’s album was called Colour Me Free.

Little did I know that this link I had made between dance and singing back then would actually grow into a link that would come alive in my own life, in my own experiences, and become a new passion of mine.  I even used the quote above in my very first article on Dance Me Free- Salsa as Medicine– the article that described my story of how I first came to realize the healing powers of dance.  I was in complete admiration of singer songwriters like Joss Stone at that time.  But I thought singing was so far from “me” and that it was only meant for a select few. I was sure I was not one of them. The quote just happened to have both singing and dancing in it. But I was definitely not singing at all at the time.

It never occurred to me that I could sing.  In fact, for various reasons, including other people’s opinions or comments that I now see I shouldn’t have taken on board, I thought I was tone deaf. couldn’t hold a note, and just didn’t have what it took to be a singer. I didn’t even like my speaking voice, let alone trying to sing. And I just had this overall shy personality that didn’t seem to fit what I thought of when the image of a singer came to my mind.

But through a series of what I realize now were not so random events, I was led to a singing lesson that had me hooked form day one.  It was not because I proved to be a brilliant singer from the start. Far from it.  But I started seeing so many links between singing and dance, including the power of singing to inspire, build confidence and heal. And I wanted to learn more. I wanted to try this art that I thought for all my life “was not me.”

I started seeing that just as with dance, singing can be learned, and developed, with the right teacher.  And I was lucky enough to find these teachers.  I was also becoming aware of how singing can give voice not just to our vocal chords and mouths, but to our individuality, to our hearts and spirits.

“Sound proves one of the major sources of brain stimulus by which dynamic mental vitality is maintained. Vocal sounds directly resonate through the skull, chest, and body. Our personally produced resonances can charge and revitalize our body and brain.”- Joseph C. Pearce- The Bond of Power

I saw more and more parallels between dancing and singing, but could also see how they each had their differences too.  And together, they have helped me grow as a person, find peace, depth and further dimension into so many aspects of my life.
And I knew I had to include this in my dancing journey, in Dance Me Free’s posts and pages.  Although Dance Me Free centers around Dance and movement, this site also uses dance as a metaphor for other healing arts and passions of the soul. And I believe everyone can find their own “dance”, whatever that may be.  I never thought I would say this, but singing has become one of mine.

So besides continuing to share articles about dance, Dance Me Free will also be sharing articles, interviews, videos and quotes that highlight the expressive “voice” that comes through dance, as well as the beautiful “dance” that I have experienced coming through our voices. I believe they are both intertwined. And I am so grateful to get the chance to explore and intermingle both disciplines.  And I am excited to share my insights into these links with you.

Inside my voice there is a soul, and  in my soul there is a voice.”

– India Arie in Strength, Courage and Wisdom

Stay tuned for more Sing Me Free © posts coming soon.


5 thoughts on “Sing Me Free ©

    • Ahhh, Stephanie! I love that you are the first person to have seen, or at least commented, on this section! Sing me free has no particular posts as of yet, because I was going to describe it first. But you have done such a great job of doing this. Thank you! You’re right- this page is about the link between dancing and singing and how both are very healing, therapeutic, and inspiring. Thank you so much for your comment! What a great start for this page! 🙂

  1. Music and dance walk hand in hand. At times I can dance but feel as if I am just arms and legs moving in space, this is impossible for me when I sing. Singing is my most direct connection to the core of me. Voice is my radar. If I am happy and at ease you can find me singing my own tune to life. If I am tense and worried you will not. By releasing voice I release tension and give myself permission to breath, breath in the moment, breath in and out my thoughts, and simply just be. Dance moves my body and then my soul, singing moves my soul and then my body.

    Thank you Tasleem for creating a space embracing two things I can not live without!

    • Ahhh! Orin, this is beautiful. You don’t need help in expressing yourself in writing- lol! Look at you- this is so poetic and so insightful- a sign of a real writer 🙂 Thanks so much for your response. I would like to feature it in one of the quotes on the page soon. I’ll remind you about that soon, just to make sure it’s okay with you.
      I love that you’ve helped to start this page off exactly the way I feel about dance and singing. You said it so perfectly, too! There is going to be more put on this page, to introduce it and explain what its purpose is- especially its connection to dance. But you’ve already started it off, as did Stephanie, just right! Thank you!

      • Yay! Im so glad 🙂 thanks Tasleem! Please feel free to feature this little blurb! I am honored!

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