Sing Me Free

“Inside my voice there is a soul, and  in my soul there is a voice.”- India Arie in Strength, Courage and Wisdom

“El que canta y baila su mal espanta.” (translation: he who sings and dances scares off misfortune).

“Sound proves one of the major sources of brain stimulus by which dynamic mental vitality is maintained. Vocal sounds directly resonate through the skull, chest, and body. Our personally produced resonances can charge and revitalize our body and brain.”- Joseph C. Pearce- The Bond of Power


5 thoughts on “Sing Me Free

    • Ahhh, Stephanie! I love that you are the first person to have seen, or at least commented, on this section! Sing me free has no particular posts as of yet, because I was going to describe it first. But you have done such a great job of doing this. Thank you! You’re right- this page is about the link between dancing and singing and how both are very healing, therapeutic, and inspiring. Thank you so much for your comment! What a great start for this page! 🙂

  1. Music and dance walk hand in hand. At times I can dance but feel as if I am just arms and legs moving in space, this is impossible for me when I sing. Singing is my most direct connection to the core of me. Voice is my radar. If I am happy and at ease you can find me singing my own tune to life. If I am tense and worried you will not. By releasing voice I release tension and give myself permission to breath, breath in the moment, breath in and out my thoughts, and simply just be. Dance moves my body and then my soul, singing moves my soul and then my body.

    Thank you Tasleem for creating a space embracing two things I can not live without!

    • Ahhh! Orin, this is beautiful. You don’t need help in expressing yourself in writing- lol! Look at you- this is so poetic and so insightful- a sign of a real writer 🙂 Thanks so much for your response. I would like to feature it in one of the quotes on the page soon. I’ll remind you about that soon, just to make sure it’s okay with you.
      I love that you’ve helped to start this page off exactly the way I feel about dance and singing. You said it so perfectly, too! There is going to be more put on this page, to introduce it and explain what its purpose is- especially its connection to dance. But you’ve already started it off, as did Stephanie, just right! Thank you!

      • Yay! Im so glad 🙂 thanks Tasleem! Please feel free to feature this little blurb! I am honored!

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