What Dance Teaches Me

live to danceI have been so lucky to have some of the most inspiring teachers  come into my life.  Little did I know that Dance would be one of them.

Dance has influenced the decisions I make, the places I go, the people I meet, the perceptions I have about life, the values I cherish the most, my awareness of myself as a body and a soul, as well as how I interact with others and the world around me.

Someone recently asked me why I dance, and the first thought that came to my mind was, ironically, NOT thinking.  Dance, as I explained to this person, is one of the first places I learned not to lead (or follow) with thinking, but to feel.  With Dance, I shut off my brain, and engage, or turn on, my senses.  This is huge for someone who is constantly thinking and processing and analyzing like myself.  And wow, what it has done for my writing.  As a writer, I need to be much more in touch with my senses, and to be able to capture moments when my senses are really heightened. Dance makes me much more aware of those moments and plants the images of them deep within my memory.

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Dance- there are so many strengths to it…


“Dance- there are so many strengths to it, beyond the superficial, that people don’t know about.  I think that dance is such an internal thing.  I think it feeds the soul in such a way that it stems from this passion but also from our experiences.  And the things that we’ve gone through, the things that we have on our minds, are pushed out and energized into the world through a movement.  Sometimes I watch people perform, and you can tell they’ve really BEEN somewhere.  And I don’t know where that somewhere is, and I don’t always NEED to know where that somewhere is.  But you connect to those people because you can see how much their dancing is driven by something really deep and rich and powerful.”

– Marc Kimelman

Dance is…


“Dance is a way for you to express pain, joy, life, fun, love in that physical way. Your body expresses this as rhythm and feelings, whatever your feelings are. You’re not happy every day. You could be sad, you could be stressed, you could be normal. But through dance, you can express all of these feelings. Whatever you feel- pain, love, happiness- it can be shown through dancing, but through YOUR body and to the musicality of YOUR body….
It doesn’t have to be on stage or choreographed. Even right now, I’m talking to you and I’m also dancing with my hands,… Because what I’m feeling I’m showing in the movement in my hands. And that’s what I want to express. You don’t have to talk when you dance, right? You don’t even have to look at people in the eyes. You can even close your own eyes and move, and people will see what you’re feeling.”- Arassay Reyes