How Dance Connects Us to Our Intuition

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I should actually rephrase this title and call it, “Dance Can RE-Connect Us to Our Intuition,” because I believe we are all intuitive beings. We came here with the power of intuition to help guide us through this journey and beyond. I think we just forgot, or it was scared or ‘sensed’ out of us. As in, the voices that said, “Be more sensible, more practical, if you want to survive in this world.”

As children, we were encouraged to dream and discover and imagine and create. That was intuition at its best. No conditioning of what was right or wrong, no fear or prejudice against others, no questioning our natural ability to play and suss out what felt good for us. We intuitively knew we had intuition on our side and we didn’t have to second guess ourselves!

But as we grew up, other people’s opinions made their way into our heads, often well meaning people telling us what we should do, how we should be, and to BE CAREFUL. They themselves had been conditioned by caring individuals who were caught in this fear and trepidation trap as well. They were pushed to not rely on their gut feelings, because years of experiences that hurt or harmed them taught them that could be dangerous They thought that putting up a shield would stop others from getting in. But what we don’t realize is that it is actually also stopping us from getting messages from within us as well. And if we could tap back into that, it would be our greatest guidance and protector.

I am so grateful that Dance reconnected me to my intuition!

I showed up to Dance very disconnected. I thought it was just from physical endurance and fitness and coordination. But I didn’t realize how many voices I had in my head when I came to dance- from teachers, society, culture, social media, well meaning family and friends, and just my own misconceptions- had actually disconnected me from my inner knowing.

And this became an issue when I was dancing. Because, I couldn’t feel into what others were doing, with their bodies or their intention before even leading into a movement. I thought, how am I supposed to just know what is going to happen before it happens? And how do others do it? What I didn’t realize was that they were connected to their intuition.

The more I would miss the little nuances that were supposed to show me which direction I needed to turn, or that I was to stay still with my partner and just breathe with him, the more I had to get centered into myself. Dance wasn’t going to let me get away with being disconnected. That would be more guessing or choreographing or planning everything out. It would be robbing dance and myself of what truly makes dance so mesmerizing- the flow and the connection. Catching ourselves in moments unexpected, and using those to create something new.

We can’t have everything planned out, in dance or in life. In dance, there are bodies moving together, bodies made up of energies that are always shifting and changing, from foot to foot, to side to side, to contraction and expansion, to speeding up and slowing down. This had to be felt, and intuition was going to get me there. I just needed to find it again.

The more I showed up to dance class, especially experimenting in a range of dance styles, the more I was opening up, little by little, to feeling into the little subtleties in movements, breaths, stretches, and pauses. I could pick up tinier and tinier cues from my partner, in the music, and in myself.

Dance was reconnecting me not just to my physical movement, but to what my body was sensing deep inside. And this built up trust not just for me in dancing, but for me in my everyday life.

I became more observant of what was around me- from the big, open scenes and concepts, but also to the tinier details that I was missing up until I got into dance.

And that made me more observant of what my body was calling for- when it was telling me to slow down, or take caution, or to lean in because this was safe, or to step back because this person or experience or step was not for me to take.

From dance, I learned that intuition doesn’t just help us with our connection to people, but to source, and to the divine! This means we are tapped into the flow of life, to universal guidance helping us make choices and art and express ourselves from deep within in ways that we might otherwise be hesitant about. We get to be vessels for transforming imaginative ideas into reality.

Tapping into my intuition helps me type the next sentence to these posts without fearing the blank page, or thinking it has to be figured out in my head first. It helps me decide on what the next topic will be, helps me trust in the ideas that come to me in my sleep and to listen to what my body is telling me. To be excited in the knowing but also the not knowing. We came here with intuition to help us navigate through experience, to help us have the courage to say no when we feel it, to help us say yes to what excites us even when we don’t know the full outcome.

Intuition helps us clearly detect when something doesn’t feel right, but it also helps us make choices that are enlivening! It helps us live our fullest, most connected, most aligned selves ever! When we reconnect to our intuition, things come TO us. We don’t have to struggle for them. It allows our inner beings to work for us, so we don’t have to do all the heavy lifting, just the flowing.

Creativity flows, blog posts get written in ways that we didn’t expect but are so thrilled about- haha. And we trust in it, and lean into it, and can’t wait for what’s next. How exhilarating!

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read this piece and for your sweet comment. That really means a lot to me. Happy Holidays to you. I hope you are so tapped into your inner guidance that it continues leading you to dreams come true for 2022 and beyond.

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