Why Salsa? …

“I love the music, the atmosphere, the people, the dancing, and continuously learning and growing through dance. And I have met so many friends through it. The New York salsa scene includes all classes of people, all races, all nationalities, all age groups. It’s great to see that. Even when you go out to eat after having those late nights of partying, you get a table with all these friends and it’s like the United Nations. Everyone’s different – from a different country and a different background. But they all come together because of salsa. That’s really cool.”

– Marlon International


2 thoughts on “Why Salsa? …

    • Aww… thanks. Yeah, this is definitely my baby right now! I love it! It’s the one in which everything I’ve been working on for the past few comes together. And I see you’ve been writing a lot still yourself! That’s awesome! 🙂

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