5 thoughts on “Dancing Happiness…

    • Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my site. I will definitely check yours out soon. What simple pleasures will I pursue today? Hmmm… a dance class that I’ve never tried, for sure! Sleeping in a little more after I finish this reply. But first, listening to the sounds I always seem to miss right outside my bedroom window- the traffic swishing by, the bird chirping and some footsteps of a passerby on the payment in front of the apartment building. Oh, I hear some people- must be old friends- laughing and catching up too! 🙂 What about you?

    • Hey! Thanks for your comment. You know, if I could learn to dance, you can too. And that’s the problem, people think you have to be born just naturally moving with lots of rhythm and balance and whatever else you see when people are dancing. But it’s not necessarily true. It definitely helps, but I can barely walk down the street without tripping on my own feet sometimes… lol! total clutz in some situations. But… I have learned how to balance myself and move with someone else, and become more body aware through classes, and enjoying the music, and repetition. That’s really what it’s about- getting your body’s muscle memory to get used to a particular movement. And also watching others who you admire… watching them dance… that’s really helpful! The eye is a powerful thing, you know? Our power of observation can help ingrain some things in our minds and even sometimes bodies, that we don’t even realize. So just go out and do it! Seriously. Not sure where you live, but there is always a dance scene in every city- some better than others. But they do exist. Google it and it might be the best thing you ever got into. I know it is for me, and I am sure I had three left feet before! :=)

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