Dance is…

“Dance is a way for you to express pain, joy, life, fun, love in that physical way. Your body expresses this as rhythm and feelings, whatever your feelings are. You’re not happy every day. You could be sad, you could be stressed, you could be normal. But through dance, you can express all of these feelings. Whatever you feel- pain, love, happiness- it can be shown through dancing, but through YOUR body and to the musicality of YOUR body….
It doesn’t have to be on stage or choreographed. Even right now, I’m talking to you and I’m also dancing with my hands,… Because what I’m feeling I’m showing in the movement in my hands. And that’s what I want to express. You don’t have to talk when you dance, right? You don’t even have to look at people in the eyes. You can even close your own eyes and move, and people will see what you’re feeling.”- Arassay Reyes

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